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Atmel ATmega1284P+AT86RF231 or ATmega128rfa1 based modules
et autres solutions proches



Edge router with ATmega128RFA1

From dresden electronics : deRFgateway for ARM

passerelle Ethernet atmega128RFA1


Synapse : SNAP Components

Data Sheet details Part Number RF200PD1

RF200PD1 37.00 euros chez digikey

746-1022-ND RF200P81 30.00 euros



Price: $69.99

2.4 GHz AVR | deRFmega128-22C00 -> 20,09 EUR


module ATMEL basé sur le ATmega128rfa1

module ATMEL demoboard





Sparkfun ATmega128RFA1 Development Board

sku: DEV-09734RoHS Compliant

sparkfun ATmega128rfa1$54.95


120213 avr-based mote (ATmega1281 + RF231) called RTnode from a local company called Virtenio

Basic USB Interface (BUI) 29,00EUR

ou encore CUN : CC1101-900MHz-AT90USB-RAM-microSD-ENC68-USB schema


Ethernut Bulk V 2.1B 125€

Ethernut Bulk V 2.1B

carte basée sur du ATmega128x

ICswift SAM7X256

ICswift SAM7X256

Basée sur du SAM7

2.4GHz transceiver module met Atmel ATmega168 processor

jahuls ATmega module

Et autres, on ne sait jamais :

Sentilla Mini

Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller with a TI/Chipcon CC2420 low-power wireless radio
Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller with a TI/Chipcon CC2420 low-power wireless radio



ICnova AP7000 Base : 95,00€ (also known as "Grasshopper") Datasheet (utilisable avec JTAGICE mkII)

AVR32 + Eth + USB + tous les ports accessibles

ATNGW100 Network Gateway Kit : 73,07 € (utilisable avec JTAGICE mkII)

ATNGW100 Network gateway kit

The NGW100 uses the AT32AP7000 which combines Atmel's state of the art AVR32 Digital Signal Processor CPU with an unrivalled selection of communication interfaces.

The NGW100 has two Ethernet ports, SD and MMC card reader, and connectors for USB and JTAG.

The NGW100 is also an ideal development board for the AT32AP7000. All resources are available, and it supports communication on any of the device's communication interfaces. The board is preloaded with Linux and shipped with I/O interface drivers that can be called from your own code.

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